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About Us:

The Manitoba Junior Hereford Association (MJHA) is a dynamic organization dedicated to promoting the Hereford breed and providing educational and networking opportunities for junior members in Manitoba. We have grown to become a thriving community of young cattle enthusiasts who share a deep passion for Hereford cattle and the agricultural industry.

Our Mission

At MJHA, our mission is to empower and support the next generation of Hereford cattle breeders by fostering their knowledge, skills, and connections. We are committed to providing valuable educational resources and programs that enhance the expertise of our junior members. From informative workshops and seminars to hands-on clinics covering topics such as cattle selection, showmanship, genetics, nutrition, and herd management, we strive to equip our members with the tools they need to succeed in the Hereford industry.

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Join MJHA today and be part of our vibrant community that celebrates the Hereford breed and empowers junior members to excel in the industry.

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